EU Mission to Geneva meets with SNC Delegation in Constitutional Committee


The Co-Chair of the Constitutional Committee, Mr. Hadi Albahra, and SNC members in the Small Body of the Syrian Constitutional Committee, met in Geneva with representatives of a group of EU countries as well as other countries. The Constitutional Committee members affirmed that they are exerting their best effort to speed up the work of the Committee to draft a constitution that fulfils the aspirations of the Syrians and responds to their demands. They also pointed to the efforts of the SNC to push the political process forward by activating the negotiations in the remaining baskets of UNSCR 2254 (2015).

Representatives of the countries present in the meeting expressed their full support for the work of the SNC in the Constitutional Committee. They also stressed the importance of the full implementation of UNSCR 2254 (2015), as a key matter for the European Union.

The SNC delegation in the Constitutional Committee has been invited by the EU mission to Geneva on the sidelines of the Seventh Session of the Constitutional Committee’s meetings taking place in Geneva. Representatives of 15 countries, from within the EU and from outside, from the small group on Syria, attended the meeting.

Mr. Tarek Al Kurdi, a member of the Constitutional Committee’s Small Body, said commenting on the meeting that, “The Co-Chair of the Constitutional Committee, Mr. Hadi Albahra, gave a comprehensive briefing on the course of the Seventh Session of the Constitutional Committee’s meetings, as well as about our vision and orientation regarding this round. Representatives of the countries had questions and inquiries about some details and the hope from and scope of this process. Towards the end of the meeting, they touched upon the other elements of the Syrian political process and the efforts made to support the humanitarian aid.”

He continued, “Representatives of the European countries have shown their interest in the Syrian political process at large and affirmed their continued support for the rightful cause of the Syrian people for freedom and the democratic system. We have also seen their interest in the details, whether related to the course of the Seventh Session of the Constitutional Committee, or the political process in general. On the other hand, our delegation stressed the need that no hot international issue overshadow the issue of the Syrian people, who are still suffering from tragedies and calamities, and the need to implement the UNSCR related to the cross-border aid delivery to Syrians. We provided a detailed explanation about the tragic conditions of our people in refugee camps and the need of our people inside Syria in particular for international aid and for the work of international organizations.”

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