International Day of Peace 

21 September

In 1981 the United Nations General Assembly declared September 21st of each year as a day dedicated to promoting the ideals and values ​​of peace among and between nations and peoples. 

Sustainable Development Goals affirm that there is no sustainable development without peace, and no peace can be established without sustainable development. A comprehensive approach must be adopted to address the root causes of problems, consolidate the rule of law, and promote sustainable development, based on dialogue and respect, without compromising rights, at the level of citizens and state.

The desired Constitution glorifies the importance of peace in realistic and useful ways; it encourages avoiding and resolving international conflicts by peaceful means. It also calls for promoting a culture of peace among the people of the same country, and between the peoples of the world.

It also calls for refraining from violence, ending hostilities, raising citizens’ awareness and educating them on issues related to just and comprehensive peace without concessions or free surrender.

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