International Human Rights Day

December 10

The draft constitution provides for upholding and protecting human values and freedoms and the principles of universal Human Rights and achieving equality in rights and duties for all male and female citizens without any discrimination.

The draft #constitution guarantees the state’s commitment to protecting and promoting the two systems of human rights and international humanitarian law, contributing to their development, and spreading a culture of #HumanRights, taking into account the indivisibility of these #rights.

The draft constitution guarantees full compliance with the international human rights conventions, covenants and covenants that #Syria has ratified and will ratify, and ensures accountability for the perpetrators of all gross and systematic violations of human rights.

The draft constitution recognizes not to allow the adoption of any law or legal amendment that undermines the gains of human rights and freedoms guaranteed in the constitution, as the texts related to #freedoms and human rights take the form of basic laws.

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